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    James Bond Exhibition at London Film Museum

    The Bond in Motion exhibition is on at the London Film Museum from 10am -6pm Monday through Sunday. This is the official exhibition of James Bond vehicles from the hit film series. The main space will show cars such as the Aston Martin DB5, the Rolls-Royce Phantom III and the Lotus Esprit S1. Other vehicles on show include the Crocodile Submarine and the Citroën 2CV. All modes of transport exhibited were used in the Bond films. In celebration of the event, Fraser Suites Kensington, Fraser Suites Queens Gate & Fraser Place Canary Wharf presents famous facts from the Bond films:

    James Bond 007, the exhibition Paris

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    1. Here are the main locations you need to know when visiting London: • London Film Museum Bond in Motion Fraser Suites Kensington – 5.3 miles • Fraser Suites Queens Gate – 5.3 miles • Fraser Place Canary Wharf – 6.1 miles • River Thames (The World Is Not Enough) – 26 miles • Ascot, Berkshire (A View To Kill) – 33 miles • Oxford University (Tomorrow Never Dies) – 59 miles • Shrubland Park (Thunderball) – 86 miles • Faslane Naval Base (The Spy Who Loved Me) – 447 miles

    2. The Bond’s • Sean Connery is the most popular Bond • There’s been 8 James Bonds since the series started • George Lazenby has slept with the most woman in one film - 3 • Pierce Brosnan has killed the most baddies in one film- 22 • Daniel Craig used over 80 Tom Ford suits in Skyfall

    3. The Villains • There is 103 villains & notable bad guys • Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the most popular Bond villain • Ernst Stavro Blofeld also made the most appearances as a Bond villain – 8 • Jaws was the tallest Bond villain at 7’ 2” tall • 8 Bond girls were villains

    4. The Girls • The most popular Bond girl is Pussy Galore • There has been 75 Bond Girls in the series • Honor Blackman was the oldest Bond girl age 37 • Bond has slept with 55 of the Bond girls • That’s 2.3 per movie • 1 in 3 Bond girls die • Survival rate increases to 80% if they don’t sleep with Bond

    5. The Movies • There’s been 24 Bond films • Casino Royale is the most popular Bond film earning $599,200,000 • Quantum of Solace was the most expensive Bond film to produce at $230,000,000 • 1962 is the year the first Bond film (Dr No) was released • It cost $1,581,200,000 to make all films • Worldwide box office sales achieved $7,068,553,368 • That’s a profit of $5,487,353,368 • That’s the cost of 18,104 new Aston Martins

    6. The Cars • Aston Martin the most popular Bond car • Featuring in 12 films • $303,152 is the average starting price for an Aston Martin • That’s the cost of 16,611 Martini cocktails in Paris

    7. The Cocktails As you will know there is only one drink Bond is iconic for - Martini on the Rocks! Here is how to make the perfect bond drink: • Pour gin or vodka with vermouth into a cocktail shaker that is filled with ice • Shake or stir till cold • Strain into a martini glass • Serve straight up with no ice • The Bond drink is served

    If you’re in town for the exhibition, why not stay at one of our properties in Queens Gate, Kensington or Canary Wharf where we have serviced apartments to suit small groups or families.