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    Fraser Place Canary Wharf is a Green Tourism Hotel

    Fraser Place Canary Wharf has recently been awarded a bronze status by Green Tourism. This certification has helped us become recognised for the efforts we’re putting into becoming more environmentally friendly, assisting guests looking for responsible accommodation in the Canary Wharf area. 

    This award is important to us as we strive for ways to implement a greener plan in how we operate day to day, and find ways to implement greener standards across all our locations.

    What is Green Tourism? 

    Green Tourism is a scheme created to help support and recognise the eco-friendly achievements of businesses in the UK tourism sector. This scheme was important to us as Fraser Place is always looking for ways to be greener and utilise more environmentally friendly standards.

    Making the smallest changes can have a significant impact for years to come, so any way in which we can be greener we’ll actively try and carry out.

    What helps make Fraser Place Canary Wharf a Green Tourism property?

    There are several factors which determine whether a business can be classified as a Green Tourism property after assessment. Some of the factors include:

    • How utilities are measured and controlled
    • How we use energy and ways in which we try to reduce energy levels
    • Our water usage

    Getting a bronze level on our first assessment is excellent as this shows we’re already carrying out measure to create a greener stay. This also gives us a clear list of areas to work on so we can attempt to reach a silver level on our next assessment.

    Does a Green Tourism rating affect the average stay at Fraser Place Canary Wharf?

    There will be no difference to any stay at Fraser Place; in fact, the only difference will be the knowledge you’re in a hotel that is taking that extra step to be greener.

    Are there other businesses in the Canary Wharf area that are Green Tourism certified? 

    If you’re like to see surrounding businesses which are also certified, you can get information from the Green Tourism website here.